Impeller for your engine.

If you are looking for accessories for your nautical engine, have you thought about the impeller for boat? Surely. But do you have any idea where you can find it? Well, we have the answer for you: at

And is that this company has more than 20 years in the marine market and have left their mark to have the best suppliers in the market, most of them brands from Europe and America. 

What is an impeller? 

Impeller boat is nothing more than a piece similar to a rotor, which is located inside the pump and when turning increases the circulation and pressure of the liquid that goes through a duct. 

Each engine manufacturer gives instructions on how it should be changed and if it is deteriorated or any anomaly may not send enough liquid and the engine will not be well cooled and may seize. 

Keep in mind that, each brand works with different copies and each manufacturer creates a model for each engine or pump (impeller Yamaha engine, impeller Mercury, etc.), therefore, there is diversity. Which you can see in  

The company offers, for example, impeller Johnson for spare parts, as well as impeller Honda and more. For each one there are shapes, measurements, diameters, heights and other distinguishing features. 

And for the pumps? 

In the case of pumps, presents you not only the impeller, but also the turbine for boats, spare impeller turbine for Caterpillar, Mercury turbine engine, spare impeller for Volvo, Tohatsu turbine engines, and much, much more. 

For example, you can choose a Jabsco impeller pump, which has a width of 130 mm, 95 mm high, a blade number of 12 and includes a screw. All this for an accessible price of 332.66 euros. 

Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to place your impeller turbine boat.

Where to get it?

Get a Yamaha turbine or other objects of this type, as we told you before, then get it on 

And it is that, in this nautical shop, have managed to get a great catalog to present you, as it is one of the largest in Europe when the nautical world is concerned. 

You can get all kinds of accessories, tools, parts and many other things from boats, the best quality thanks to the commitment that the company offers. 

It should be noted that, the additions made over the years, carry more than 60 thousand products in stock and ready for them to reach only the hands of the customer throughout Europe and at a fairly low price (5 €).

In addition, it does not matter if the nautical accessory is as small as an impeller or as large as an anchor, they still fulfill their shipment to you. 

Now you have learned more about this nautical company, do you want to contact him to get an outboard impeller or any other that suits what you need? Then do it now!

Just access their social networks Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email ([email protected]) even ask through WhatsApp (+34 629802940).

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